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  • How to maintain leather shoes?

    There must be bumps and scratches in the wear process and you need to pay attention to repair. The natural wear of the heel should be shoes with red soles remedied. Some of the problems encountered during the wearing of leather shoes, as well as maintenance and repair methods, are listed as follows:

    (1) New shoes prevent you from hitting your feet. When buying leather shoes, it sometimes feels no slight discomfort on the surface of the shoes and dirt, but it is only found when worn, and it is easy to blister your feet. In this case, a wet sponge can be used to cover the foamed area. After 1 hour, remove the wet sponge, hold it by hand and knead it, and then make it soft and put it in a cool and ventilated place. Dry it; then apply a bit of raw chicken oil (animal grease) or wipe it with a walnut, and then apply the shoe polish once in a while to make it natural.

    (2) White shoes on the surface after long-term wear. The upper leather of leather shoes has a strong sweat-absorbing ability. Therefore, there will be some white cl shoes sweat spots on the leather surface after wearing the leather shoes for a long time. This is the exudation of louboutin sale salt in the sweat from the leather and the material contained in the leather, which is called salting out. Especially in rainy weather, after the shoes are dampened and dried, these white spots often appear. To treat white spots: First use alcohol or leather to clean the white spots; then apply a layer of leather shoe polish, and then drop a few drops of vinegar. Brush and brush back and forth with the shoe brush and cloth to remove white spots.

    (3) Treatment of mildew in leather shoes. On the upper side of leather shoes, mildew often appears due to dampness in rainy weather. The method of treating mildew spots: first treat the mold with alcohol and clean it. After a while, wipe it with a soft dry cloth to remove the mold.

    Daily maintenance of leather shoes

    1. Wipe off dust with shoe cloth or fur, and use a pointed brush to wipe the gap between the heel and the shoe body. Then insert the shoe support and place it in the newspaper instead.

    2, can not use liquid shoe polish, so as not to penetrate into the skin. Use high-quality special shoes shoe cream, give leather shoes shoe cream. Avoid applying the shoe cream directly to the leather surface. Apply to the shoe cloth or shoe rub.

    3, if the shoes get wet, should be dry cloth to absorb the moisture of the shoes, and then placed in the shade, let the shoes dry naturally, do not put the wet christian louboutin heels shoes under the sun exposure, air-conditioning or drying with a hairdryer , otherwise it will burst or shrink.

    4, when cleaning shoes, do not wash with water and exposure to chemical solvents.

    5, before the trip to the leather shoes (especially rain).

    2018-05-19 10:16:34
  • What is waterproof canvas?

    Waterproof canvas is a kind of canvas used for waterproof or moisture proof, moisture proof, and cold proof after being processed by special crafts. It is generally referred to as plastic cloth series. shoes with red soles It is made of fiber fabrics and chemical fillers, which are produced through dipping, painting, scraping, baking and cooling. The standard material composition of the coated series of waterproof canvas is made of high-strength pull polyester woven louboutin outlet fabrics, high-quality resin powder, plasticizers, stabilizers, appropriate amount of calcium powder and other small amounts of chemical raw materials processing, 100% waterproof . Most areas in the north are known as tarps, and some areas in the south are also known as tarpaulins, tarpaulins and tarps. PVC plastic cloth, waterproof nylon cloth and so on.

    The main component of PVC coated cloth is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC canvas processing adds some plasticizers, anti-aging agents, and other auxiliary materials to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc. The paste-like resin is compounded with various chemical aids such as speed increasing agent, anti-mold agent, anti-aging agent, etc. It has non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability, and also has waterproof and mildew resistance. , wear-resistant, durable, cold-resistant, louboutin outlet anti-aging, and other christian louboutin heels natural functions.

    Waterproof nylon cloth has excellent mildew resistance, flame retardancy, 100% waterproof, more waterproof than other canvas, good low softness, high strength, strong pull, relatively light. The main processing method is high temperature heat sealing.

    2018-05-17 10:28:34
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