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  • How to wash sports shoes How to maintain sports shoes

    Now every young man's shoe will have a pair of sports shoes. Every time it looks dirty in a clean shoe, it will not be very offensive. Is it hard to accept? The following Xiaobian teaches everyone how to clean and maintain sports shoes, so you can easily and effortlessly.

    Learn how to clean and maintain sports shoes to make your sports shoes more refreshing, clean and comfortable to wear, but also to ensure the louboutin shoes sale service life of the shoes. Let's learn about the cleaning and maintenance of sports shoes.

    When cleaning sports shoes, be sure to pay attention to:

    1. Separate shoes and shoelaces separately with neutral soap or detergent. Remove the insole when washing shoes, gently scrub with a soft brush, and finally rinse.

    2. Place the insole toes down and ventilate it in a cool place.

    3. When the shoes are dry, using the shoe supports can help restore the shoes or put the newspaper in the shoes. Newspapers not only help shoes to restore their original shape, but also quickly absorb the moisture in the shoes.

    4. Put the toe down towards the wall and let it dry in a ventilated place at normal temperature. This will prevent water from immersing in the midsole foam. (Because the foam material is not easy to dry, it is recommended not to lay the wet shoes flat).

    5. After the shoes dry, remove the newspaper and allow the shoes to dry for a louboutin heels while.

    6. Excessive sun exposure, hair dryer heat shoes with red bottoms and improper care methods all reduce the lifespan of the shoe.

    After the sports shoes have been washed out, maintenance is also very important.

    1. When buying canvas shoes, you must buy shoes that fit your feet, otherwise the shoes are easily deformed and your feet are injured.

    2. Regularly clean the shoes and gently wipe them with a damp cloth. Do not brush them with a brush.

    3. If the shoes are damp, keep louboutin sale the newspapers in the fortress to maintain the appearance of the shoes, and let the shoes dry naturally, avoid direct sunlight or high-temperature baking.

    4. Shoes should avoid contact with solvents, acids, alkalis, oils and other corrosive substances.

    5. Maintain more than two pairs of replaceable shoes so that the shoes take turns resting.

    6. Canvas shoes should not do intense exercise.

    2018-05-24 10:15:18
  • The best shoes to wear in summer

    In the summer, airborne forces descended on the ground and caught the threat of summer's sudden malice. Maybe you are christian louboutin sale ready for clothes, but the replacement of shoes is not so easy. At least you have to ensure that when you change from medium to long cotton socks to socks or no socks, your feet can still be shoes Get along well and don't need band-aid to mediate disputes. The strappy shoes became a hot spot quietly. Shallow mouth strap shoes not only did not live off the length of the legs, but the presence of the pointed head also extended the ratio of the legs to a certain extent. The soft, flat bottom is easy to wear, and walking with jumps means no stress. However, if the calf is relatively thick, it is recommended that the girl with a nine-point long trousers or long skirts to fill the short board. Authentic style is no heel. At first, such a style was aesthetically incompetent, but at the turn of the street, the fashionistas of the various fashions, they slowly felt that it still looked very good. The point was that it was really comfortable to wear. It has never been likened to the cake bottom, but its magnificent effect and the heat insulation effect from the ground have become a strong reason for it to survive. The two slightly exaggerated velcros have refined the feet to be exquisite and compact, combined with the ergonomic design of the curved soles to make walking a pleasure, starting from these two points, but also feel that christian louboutin for men they can not buy it.

    Thin-bottomed open-toe sandals are still more popular in the house. After all, summer is a refreshing master. How simple and how light is it? Light brown upper + simple classic design style wild, the existence of a flat bottom reduces the possibility of crimes on both feet, at least when shopping with girlfriends it will not wear people like high heels. The coarse sandals mentioned next are all about 3-5 cm tall, and this height will not have much impact on walking and standing. The small fragrant nude-colored heel sandals have a beautiful atmosphere, and they can extend the length of the legs to a certain extent. Secretly tells you that this type of shoes can also make small thick legs look finer. The bold heel sandals in the word are noble and elegant. When the simplicity is extreme, extravagance is naturally revealed. The presence of thick heels makes heels wear better, and the standing posture also looks extraordinary. However, such styles have high requirements for the aesthetics of the feet or even the toes. If the feet are not good enough, it is better to continue to look at the next paragraph. Square-headed pumps have a strong ballet shoe style, which is also a hot item this year, and it can hide the ugly toes and pack the feet as a whole, creating an artistic atmosphere. The gimmick just covering the toe seam minimizes the instep to louboutin pumps the lower leg, increasing the length of the calf and increasing the beauty. Well, the all-matchable and easy-to-wear little white shoes are definitely the ones you think of. It's true that you don't know what to wear when wearing shoes. It is not necessary to say how comfortable it is. You can focus on whether the shoes will be worn for a long time and whether the materials used on the red sole shoes shoes are genuine.

    2018-05-22 10:27:48
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