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Boots piercing long legs visual sense, try these four kinds of match!

And to the cool autumn, and then is the cold winter. The weather cooler, who always wear thick in order to keep warm, feet are no exception. Boots are indispensable to the autumn and winter warm single product, and boots is also very popular in recent years, a single fashion, of course, there are many different types, thick with, fine with, low heel, high heel is not the same. But the sisters know how to wear a large leg with a sense of visual sense, you wear the law is correct, that Xiaobian today to explain to you about the way to wear boots. Fine with pointed boots, can be said to be very noble and elegant. Pointed toe can be modified leg type, very high; also can be a good heels with red bottoms modification of the foot type, to create charming feet. Upper body with a brown tight sweater, highlighting the body's soft curves. Lower body wearing an irregular black half skirt, mysterious black, more able to bring out the girls sexy and charming. Of course, with a long paragraph dress is the same beauty. In recent years is very popular art retro style, of course, rough with the boots is no exception. Wear more comfortable, but also very wild. Wearing a large V-neck T-shirt, large V-neck can not only modify the neck lines, while highlighting the neck slim. Wearing a loose wide leg pants, wide leg pants can be perfect to pull the long leg type, coupled with the design shoes with red bottoms louboutin shoes of coarse and small boots, but also gives the long legs of both vision. And then wear a small hat of art, very artistic and elegant with a yo.

Want to wear clothing fashion high street, you only need a pair of thick rough with boots, not only after the high was significantly thin, and is very fashionable. Wearing a white irregular cut hair knit sweater, lower body with a tight jeans, very casual with a pair of feet under the thick shoes, filling the big long leg style. Walking in the street, is definitely very eye-catching, highlighting the sense of women's free and easy. Want to cool the little sister dress, must not it. Very retro British wind of the Martin boots, after wearing a very Fan Fan. Upper body wearing a white T-shirt, take a long section of the windbreaker, wearing a loose jeans, foot a pair of British Martin boots, recklessly without losing elegance. The overall wear is very neutral, put on the boyfriend after the upper body. Fashion metal buckle, not significant monotonous, while showing multi-faceted feminine. Selected Italian craft calfskin, the first layer of good material, high quality is not grinding feet. Natural rubber soft soles, protect the soles of the feet, walking up not tired. Slim shoes last, delicate fashion, even more small feet. Cleverly decorated with hot element sable hair in the shoe, to enhance the elegant taste of shoes. Using from the northeast of the "Qiu of the king of water mink hair", smooth and elegant texture, instantly high shoes high fashion shoes Fan Fan. 3-stage balance of the bulk pressure, sub-foot hit the foot pressure, to ensure that every step are elegant and calm. Rice grain rubber outsole, non-slip wear. Shoes selection of leather material, natural warm texture, soft and comfortable, simple decoration of the upper county fairy feminine gentle. Inside the cashmere mattress, to create a soft and warm wearing space, so you love the feet. Rubber outsole, wear-resistant folding, durable wear is not easy to damage, the bottom of the printed grain texture, anti-skid effect is very significant. Chic round design, to the left to leave enough space for activities, fashion generous, beautiful style. christian louboutin red bottoms Both sides of the elastic design, easy to wear off. Slightly thick rough with, walking from the very tired, comfortable and beautiful. Exquisite car dealers traces, filling big brand quality. Classic hairy upper, elegant and generous.

Exquisite diamond chain, button decoration, walking bloom different kind of beauty. Side zipper design, easy to wear off, simple fashion. Side opening cut design, micro-exposed feet, filling the temperament of the foot. Pointed low style, perfect modification of the foot type, so that the feet look slender white, very charming.