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Choose the shoes, so you easily walk enough

Wearing shoes is also very particular about, you know? Shoes as one of the daily wear, and sometimes choose a good it can become a big fashion highlights. Whether it is shoes, shoes, or small white shoes, the quality of shoes is also very important, not grinding feet, comfortable wild, is the most basic requirements of the selection of shoes, followed by its design sense. Art small white shoes. The most louboutin heels wild, essential shoes are none other than white shoes, and almost no girl will say that he did not pass through the small white shoes, simple white, the most basic canvas shoes style, wear comfortable to say , If you do not know what to wear shoes, then small white shoes it. Wild white sports shoes. Selection of ultra-fine fiber fabric, as a pair of sports shoes, comfortable and soft, breathable and durable are essential, there are lace and Velcro two styles for free choice, there are different colors, with the surface white contrast. Loose bottom leather thick bottom shoes. Green matte leather five-pointed star-shaped fabric stitching, so that shoes from the ordinary small white shoes stand out, followed by the same use of the green matte leather, add a sponge material, wear more comfortable, natural rubber at the end, the flexibility is very large.

Square head low with music shoes. Square head of the shoes are more suitable for the stretch of feet, the classic horse buckle metal decoration, very glossy, the upper with a matte sense of litchi pattern leather, low-key is also very texture, positive and negative double step on the line, so shoes Looks closer and neatly. Pointed high-heeled shoes. This is a pair of shoes, spring and summer can wear, elegant and lovely pink, fresh and clear yellow, wild low-key black, ankle is a pearl metal ring instead of the traditional foot buckle, looks very design sense, more Elegant and noble. Europe and the United States with half cool sandals. Sandals design, but removed the heel, half sandals half slippers, spring summer shoes is enough, this pair of shoes is simply lazy must ah, at home can be used as a slippers to wear, do not have to pick out to pick, directly put on louboutin sale Go away Pointed low-heeled shoes. Single foot of the foot buckle are generally in the ankle, this pair of shoes are designed at the christian louboutin sale instep, a thin ring, exudes metallic luster, very delicate, v-shaped shoe mouth, with a point of curvature , Not too sharp, the whole looks very generous

Bow knives pointed shoes. Bowknot decorated shoes are often a bit more elegant, very feminine, sweet, side of the small bow decoration, like a small hair card in the above, Xiu Mei knife tip toe, slightly upturned arc revealed With a trace of playful. Shallow mouth louboutin shoes sale British style shoes. Classic round style, tassel bow decoration, classic British style, full of lovely and elegant, the choice of high quality synthetic leather, texture clear and natural, very soft leather, high-quality rubber outsole, with good slip resistance. Bow tied with pointed shoes. Fashion pointed design, fully embodies the elegance of women, ankle strap design, very unique, with a sense of retro, but also a high role, lower body with any one skirt are beautiful, especially with a pleated skirt.