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Fashionable with short boots, piercing Guards big legs

Rough with boots in the winter is very Yingjing a single product, it is more wild degree of influx of many people put it down. Not only that, with a pair of rough with boots enough to match a variety of styles of clothing, not only that, with short boots, boots and short-legged star is also very friendly, once upon wearing the guilty conscience that visual sense. From the show floor to the streets, from the stars to the bloggers, last year, with the wave of rough boots swept the entire fashion industry. Rough with a lot of advantages, stylish, comfortable wearing these two points is enough to move us, christian louboutin then, in the face of a large number of boots, how do we choose? Red high-heeled shoes with the experience of charming, set off your charm charming woman temperament, gestures show ten thousand kinds of customs. Chic square head design, avant-garde type, while the space reserved for the toes full, walking more flexible and comfortable. The classic splicing elements of the fashion industry once again resurgence, the complexity of the material for the splicing provides more possibilities, so footwear in this slightly boring season full of artistic interest. Glitter inlaid bright heel, elegant louboutin shoes and beautiful, to create your romantic LOOL.

The first layer of calfskin, cortical tender, moderate thickness, and rich high-quality natural luster, wearing not only comfortable, more grade. red bottom shoes for men Inside the low-quality plush, breathable absorbent, cold warm. Side zipper design, simplifies the step of wearing boots, smooth up and down the card is not drawn; metal zipper head, durable, easy to wear off. 7CM solid rough, stretching the calf curve, was significantly thinner, whether it is work or life can cope, wear comfortable and not tired. Sheepskin leather material, rich and full color, with good touch, as soft and comfortable as satin silk. Both sides of the V-shaped mouth, can better groom the ankle, so that the legs look more slender and sexy lines; Jiankan edge of the golden diamond to break the immutable dull feeling, square plated rhinestone fastener is pleasing to the eyes. louboutin shoes High-heeled boots, ingenuity of the upper partition, into the details of fashion car suture, reflecting the unique style, temperament and fashion. Glossy leather upper, equipped with intelligent foot cushion, easy to control the trend of the British fashion Van.