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Father wind casual shoes struck, small white shoes status is not guaranteed!

Small to wear mom's high heels, dad's big shoes day, as vivid in the eyes! Now, the little girl is already a big girl, wearing a dress, high heels on foot is commonplace. But dad's big shoes can not be achieved? How can not achieve it! A pair of father's wind casual shoes can help you remember that beautiful. So take off your little white shoes, get a pair of comfortable father wind casual shoes! Small white shoes, because of its stylish wild popular in the fashion circle, the heat diminished! But when the small white shoes encounter dad shoes, its status has been shaken it! Dad wind casual shoes unique shape, with eighties and nineties retro feeling, do not know if you have a heart that it? Follow along with the ni ni take a look! The upper surface of the shoe is made of imported matte double stitching leather material, the leather is delicate and soft, the exterior looks full of texture, but also has the characteristic of not boredom, the thickened sponge waist and the smooth and smooth shoe line, , With good breathability. Sole with six separate molds, highlight louboutin pumps lines, rich sense of design, highlight the unique texture.

Vamps of different colors splicing highlights the unique design sense, but also has a unique visual impact of different colors collide. The choice of shoes quite quite retro trend, the two-color soles for the design elements, smooth cut smooth shoes, two colors mixed with each other to a small dirty shoes as the prototype, highlighted in the mix of unique design sense. Shoes in the retro contains a number of sweet and lovely little girl. Sole using honeycomb shape, soft and breathable, slow down the pressure between walking. Sole slightly with the soles of the design, played a naturally high effect. Vamps using a combination of cortex and cloth christian louboutin shoes sale design, different materials collide with a different style. Oblique edge with a ribbon folds, quite design sense. Wild sports shoes, non-slip soles designed to walk more sense of security. Forrest shoes with the shape, more casual temperament. Vamp modeling with multi-color stitching, breaking the boring, adding a lively color. With a long skirt or pants can reflect the different charm.

Full of a strong retro style of a sports shoe, breathable canvas upper optional breathable fabric, diagonal stripes in the simple fabric reveals a stylish atmosphere, just right to reveal the strong but not fiery retro taste. Made of rubber soles, soft and durable, soles tread design, non-slip wear-resistant, so that the feet of walking more flexible and lightweight. Simple atmospheric style, simple version shows a thick leisure charm, breathable fabric using shoes, wearing a more comfortable breathable, marked at the tongue of the brand label, in the promotion of the brand but also added a shoe Embellishment, making shoes look more beautiful. Sole material flexibility, like wearing nothing in the feet, walking more light and freedom. louboutin shoes sale Selection of high-quality frosted vamps, adds the overall texture of the shoes, non-slip rubber soles, increase the friction with the ground, with good non-slip properties, oval toe was thin and wild, light walking at christian louboutin sale the same time was thin, Toe and shoe body with two colors, collision of different colors of style, add a cool color for both feet.