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Guide for the elderly to buy slippers

Older people spend more time at home and slippers become a necessity in their daily lives. For older people who are getting older, slippery fits are not only healthy, but also closely related to accidental injuries such as wrestling. So, how to choose a pair of suitable slippers for the elderly?

First, slippers must not be bought too big and too loose. The elderly red sole shoes are generally more instep and like to buy larger size slippers. However, it is often unsuitable to be large. The length and height of the slippers should be sufficient to just fill the foot. This will not only allow the feet christian louboutin heels to fully relax, but also follow the feet and prevent the elderly from falling.

Second, try to give the elderly a whole piece of slippers. Strap-type slippers or herringbone slippers do not give enough support to the foot. When the heel is off the ground, the cl shoes toe must bend and try to "hook" the upper. This is an unnatural force application. Excessive time can cause sore muscles in front of the calf. In order to avoid losing the shoes, the elderly must also consciously shorten the pace and fall easily.

Third, the bottom is not too flat and thin. Older aged people will lose their muscles in many places. Their soles are no exception and they will become dry. If the sole is too thin, it will hurt your feet. The soles are peaceful. When walking, the soles of the feet must be tightly pressed against the soles of the soles. This will increase the pressure on the feet and cause fatigue in the feet due to nervous tension. Such as long-term oppression and friction, but also easily lead to skin damage, especially in some elderly people with diabetes, the skin is difficult to heal after damage.

Fourth, because elderly people frequently go out into the bathroom and kitchen, they should choose red sole shoes slippers with deep tendons and deep soles to prevent slipping and falling.

Fifth, choose warm slippers. Old people wearing slippers at home, if you neglect the warmth of the feet, cold evil easily through the foot invasion of the human body, or old disease recurrence or damage yang, induced new disease. Therefore, in addition to the hot summer, you should choose soft, fluffy, slightly thicker slippers for the elderly to isolate the cold.