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Harajuku wearing wind, get christian louboutin shoes a pair of Carrefour

The basic role of shoes is to protect our feet from harm. More than 5,000 years ago, Lao Zong Zong began sewing the most primitive shoes with skins. Whether crossing the mountains, or shoes with red soles ice and snow, both foot protection, but also keep warm. Shoes, after a long period of years, the long development, and finally have today a powerful style of different styles lineup, flooding the market, can be seen everywhere. Upper, inside, after the pad are made of microfiber material, extremely soft and comfortable. Sole use of large rubber christian louboutin red bottoms bottom, non-slip pattern, lightweight, safe and durable. Fashion rub color, black and red so that the two upper bright, saturated just right, to create a full academic qualities! Simple decoration, scientific arc design, very fit the physiological curve of the foot, wear not only natural and elegant, but not tired walking, practical and aesthetic. College wind British shoes, always make people kind of unsure of the unknown Road 说.

Pure white pearl jacket, ramie cotton production, simple and elegant, feel fresh and not sticky, the texture is not easy to deformity, with a rough sense of cloth streaks, return to nature, introverted delicate. Easy to wear and easy to take, self-centered. Custom zipper, side pocket bag, Shoulong cuffs, from choice of materials to clothing, thousands of times the process of reconstruction, quietly sinking in a needle, only for your ingenuity! A personality designed wide leg pants, the choice of Khan christian louboutin sneakers Ma fabrics, super-type version, loose and thin, plus flash edges trousers elements, with all kinds of cotton and linen are very casual range of children.