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High heels dress? It was too late, and the shoes were wild

Is a little fairy wearing a skirt Mei Mei spent the summer, cardamom saw this year's fashion vane and found that this year with the most beautiful dress with the skirt is not a high heels, but the flat shoes ~ both to avoid wearing high heels Troubles, highlights the goddess Fan, both stylish and comfortable ~ short paragraph dress to wear lively and lovely red sole shoes ~ but the choice of skirt is also very important, choose H-shaped skirt or take the money. On the narrow width of the skirt will make you fat. Knee skirt is more girls choose, not only intellectual elegance can hold any occasion. louboutin heels For the choice of knee-length skirt, because the skirt is very conservative, in order to wear clothing features, it is recommended to choose a sense of design in the skirt. Long skirt has always been a goddess must single product, for the legs line is not perfect or not enough confidence in the girls, the dress must be your best choice. But the length of the long skirt above the ankle for the best, too long skirt will let you have a dirty feeling. The selection of the skirt is very important, but choose a good match with a small skirt flat shoes is very important, under the cardamom to recommend several suitable for skirts with flat cl shoes shoes ~ canvas shoes lasting hot description of it really is And comfortable and good-looking, with the nature and wild, do not pick people no matter how to wear are juvenile and girls.

With the character of the denim canvas shoes, whether it is the choice of fabric or style design, are different from the canvas shoes on the market, little fairies who wear louboutin shoes sale very distinctive, you can show their distinctive personality, with cowboy style skirt Will also be very nice. Color trend, handsome, this canvas shoes can be used with a solid or personalized publicity skirt, and can be worn with the male ticket, and girlfriends can wear together, handsome personality, put it, enjoy the release of their own personality it ~ small White shoes, presumably cardamom are not introduced it, in recent years the fire of the small white shoes, is the most wild one of the single product, the major goddess star like to wear it, is simply the goddess standard, youth fashion. Roman shoes simply let the cardamom girl heart burst ah, really super good, especially short section, summer to, if you like the feet fresh breathless pressure, hot Roman shoes is the best choice for small fairies.