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How to do yellow canvas shoes

The versatile white canvas shoes can look the whole person looks clean and fresh, the summer is not sultry and youthful canvas shoes have been red bottom shoes for women favored by the public. Therefore, the frequency of white canvas shoes has gradually increased, but white canvas shoes are also particularly vulnerable to dirt. The correct cleaning method can actually keep the canvas shoes as beautiful as new. Slowly moisten the shoes with warm water and throw a little white vinegar when scrubbing. To use a transparent soap or detergent brush, use a soft brush is best. After louboutin pumps brushing your shoes, soak in water. Must be rinsed clean and then wrap the shoes with paper, put in a cool ventilated place to dry just fine. Do not wash shoes and shoelaces together. Use soap to wash shoes and shoelaces first. christian louboutin heels Use soft-bristled toothbrush to slowly brush, gently brush, rinse with water, and apply a little gouache on the shoes. , Dry your shoes in a ventilated place. Take a transparent red bottom heels soap and a soft-bristled brush and wash it with clean water. Use pure white toothpaste to brush the shoe and wash it again. Paper shoes, shoes should be uniform, put it in a cool and ventilated place basking.

Start by adding the appropriate amount of bleach to the water, then put it in canvas shoes, soak it for half an hour, rinse it out with water, and use a soft brush to brush it! However, you must not use too much bleach, otherwise the shoes will be yellow, and it will be hard to accept.