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How to mix flat sandals

Without the high-heeled "step by step startle", flat sandals are of course "pictures comfortable" choice. However, the hottest flat sandals this season, their benefits include but not limited to comfort. Especially when you still know how to mix and put on their fashion and aura, you don lose all your hate. The minimalist design with sandals reveals a large area of he back of the skin. One of its charms is that it is not unassuming and effortless. It can easily become a finishing touch with any summer dress. It is worth mentioning that the finer the strap with sandals, the more sexy it looks. Words with sandals are simple in design and are recommended for simple and elegant red sole shoes fashion, such as dresses or basic shorts; avoid overly layered clothing and avoid matching effects; if you do not want the overall shape is too simple, the basic paragraph skirt can choose to print Style, or design details such as opening on the skirt, pay attention to the shape of the focus should not be on the manufacture of more levels can be; word with sandals on the christian louboutin sneakers "foot" requirements are relatively high, the use of nail polish and other details will be fine Make your overall style extra points. Pin sandals are no longer a pair of "flip-flops." More in the upper adds more embellishment design: gems, beads, feathers, fringe, these icing design details on the cake so that the pinch sandals finally reached heels with red bottoms the "tabletop" this summer.

If the color of the clothes is low-key, then using a pair of bright-colored sandals will immediately add a bright and relaxed sense of style; short girls should not think that only high heels can save the height of the lack of clip-foot sandals with skirts (or shorts) above the length of the knee, Similarly, the proportion of lower body can be lengthened to achieve an increase effect; the beauty of hollow sandals is that it can match various fashions and exhibit outstanding sense of detail. In this season, hollow sandals can also be flat, and more details are reflected in the modern style of the upper - summed up as 13 words: more mesh, straps shoes with red soles should be fine, and colors should be uniform. Combine with side slit print dresses, long shirt dresses and other items are fashionable and stylish! Hollow sandals leather material brings tough style, when combined with retro skirts, handsome and graceful match.