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How to wear shoes and shoes for office workers

In order to store various occasions, office workers must have at least two pairs of leather shoes suitable for formal occasions, two pairs of shoes suitable for general work, and three pairs of casual shoes to be exchanged alternately. It should try to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for more than two consecutive days. , And when buying shoes, the first thing to pay attention to is "comfort". Then how do you say that the shoes are worn on red bottom heels the feet of the things, but also with the wearer walking is normal, beautiful, but it does not look good on the line! If a pair of shoes are beautifully designed and made of good materials, and the production is very beautiful, but they louboutin sale are not fit or even impossible to wear, then it doesn't make any sense. This pair of shoes is simply useless rubbish for him and will only be thrown in the corner of the cabinet. Cold palace only. A pair of shoes that are not suitable for themselves are not only easy to wear, but also have a bad influence on their feet. The most common is christian louboutin outlet to eform?the feet.

On the contrary, shoes suitable for their own foot type will not only increase the motor function of the foot, but also maintain the normalness of the foot and the life of the shoe itself will be longer. When trying to buy a shoe, don't try one foot. It is very important to louboutin outlet stand upright after wearing. Next, take at least two or thirty steps to see if there is any discomfort; make sure there is a gap in the toes. Appropriate space should be about 0.7 to 1 cm away from the tiptoe. In addition to the comfort of the shoes, it is also necessary to consider the effect of matching with the clothing, but do not appear in sports style clothing with leather shoes.