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Lazy girl's winter shoe

The weather a cold, people do not want to move, do not want to skin care, do not want to fitness, just want to lie in the comfort of the blanket in the winter to enjoy the warmth of the demands. To know that the action to go out wearing shoes for the winter lazy girl is a very troublesome thing, and a board can be put on the warm shoes will become winter shoes indispensable baby, go out Pour a garbage, walk a dog, buy a dish of what, the most convenient.

Thick boots can be strong isolation foot and the distance from the ground, so that the cold air is not easy to invade, but also can continue to grow without leaving traces of height. Simple vamp design and thick soles handle, the atmosphere and very high quality dress STYLE arises spontaneously. It is worth mentioning that the choice of lazy shoes is not just a pedal on the OK, after all, we are pay attention to the beauty of the girl. V-shaped opening is a good choice, you can choose a positive V-shaped opening, not only can be played like a V-like thin role, you can also increase the proportion of legs.

You can also choose the side of the V-shaped opening, you can not really exposed his feet, just the V shape of the shape can be extended to achieve the effect. At the same time the trousers mouth rolled up a lost, revealing some micro-leg meat, was thin and further enhance the effect of yo. If the relative degree of beauty, you pay more attention to comfort, then there is a soft soles lazy shoes will be able to win your favorite. More importantly, it retains the warmth and comfort you need, there are also ultra-light weight, you can give heavy weight you wear a lot of yo ~

But also lazy and can play the United States lazy shoes who do not want to have it? Cover the length of the ankle boots can be a certain degree of correction of the legs is not straight enough, and the larger diameter boots, legs can look more slender. Stealth louboutin sale slope with the treatment, not only to wear a good experience, the elevation can also make you more confident. Lazy shoes, the most common or to the number of oil Jiji, the traditional models we do not repeat them, the outside also plush embellishment, and add fringes rich beauty of the snow boots full of girls pure taste. However, to say beautiful to a certain extent, it is still a bit difficult. Why put it behind it? Because to tie ah ~ relative to a pedal in terms of how much trouble, then why should mention it? Because it is high value ah, wild Yeah ~ but for the smart lazy girl is not a problem, she will tell you to carry a little loose, as can be used as a pedal boots to wear friends.

The same reason, in addition to the Department of shoelaces, its comfort, beauty, warmth is the bar. Ankle at a circle of plush embellishment, in addition to the warmth effect upgrade, a certain degree of the effect of the age to highlight, girls wind go hand in hand.