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Leading the trend of several boots, to ensure that next year can wear

Cold weather, light cloth shoes and ankle shoes should also close up, so stylish and warm little boots out to see the sun. There are many styles of boots, how to choose, how to take enough dazzling, I believe that many fairy little doubt. To be honest, boots are still more picky, if you buy, with inappropriate, red bottom shoes for women it will appear short legs and rent. In the choice of shoes, try to pick the tip, the boots a little thinner, it is best to have a little V-shaped, christian louboutin stretching the legs can be visually. With skirt pants can be, remember the length of the pants in the boots slightly upward position Oh well. Most girls in the shoe, will be equipped with a pair of Martin louboutin heels boots, after all, the girls also have uninhibited side, eager to dress up into the trendy style. Martin shoes more sophisticated shoes, winter will be added inside the velvet fabric, careful girls need to feel it by hand, the texture is not delicate and comfortable, to avoid the phenomenon of hair loss. And feet have to feel carefully, will not feel oppressed. The design of shoes is very simple, without too much decoration, but also does not look very old fashioned, easy to zip off the way to wear off, followed by a height of three centimeters, but also a very comfortable height. Wearing it shopping christian louboutin travel no problem. Shoes are the kind of heel, after wearing can not only increase the height but not particularly tired, comfortable and stable without burden. Toe design is very delicate, very lady temperament.

Each girl should have double knee boots. Knee boots are stylish boots, although not every girl's legs are thin and long, but you wear knee boots will appear leg length ah, but also one of the benefits is very warm!