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Love to play the boys, how to choose their own shoes?

Basketball shoes are one of the necessities of basketball, basketball shoes than ordinary shoes have better durability, support, stability and good shock absorption, which christian louboutin for men makes your feet in the basketball movement, take off , Emergency stop feeling more comfortable. At the same time basketball physical contact with strong resistance, the injury may at any time in our body. Basketball shoes can be a good protection of the ankle, to support the role of tendon to protect the movement of those who are not hurt. High-heeled shoes in the purpose of protecting the ankle joints to the basketball players that is very important, it is like a lot of players did not wear socks before the first to stretch the sticks and then put on the protection of long boots shoes like the same; athletes choose This kind of high-help sports shoes, because it can provide you with the best ankle effect. In general, high shoes to help in the fight against the more powerful players wearing. But relative to the shoes in the help of high-help shoes to help shoes than in the heavy, steering is not ideal. Strong offensive striker center, this type of people characteristics of physical contact, to reverse, have weight, the need to pay attention to the basketball shoes: the upper strong, shoes wrapped feet, in the end of the torsion is good, good ankle. High shoes to help more suitable.

If you are known for speed, change suddenly, interspersed in every position on the field to find opportunities. If you belong to this type and feel high shoes have a great bondage, then the help of shoes is the best choice to protect the ankle. In the shoes to help more defender and forward wear, in addition to the feet have some protection, the more able to reflect the player's outbreak, and flexibility. Speed-type defender and small forward feature is fast, changing suddenly. In the purchase of basketball shoes should pay attention to: shoes light, shoes wrapped feet, shoes outsole to be stable, and the front palm shock, pay attention to comfort. Personally think that basketball players engaged in simple physical training time, should try to short barrel shoes, and even recommended to track and field running shoes is more appropriate, simple speed endurance, speed training or jump practice, and even weight training, wearing a long basketball Shoes are very inconvenient, it is about the shoes high, low to help the difference. As for the low to help the shoes used in the official game is not impossible, but the protection is very poor, is an important ankle killer. Think about the time we used to play back to play the time, accidentally was twisted swollen ankle. So the low to help the shoes recommended in the carry on the training is not intense and usually casual wear occasions.

The basketball player's guard is different from the striker's shoes and center, and the problem is coming out of the front foot, because they (guard and striker) really have several times more emergency than the center, the brake this action. There are forefoot shock shoes can be more effective to alleviate the weight of the human body falls on the knees, better protection of knees. While the center players are more choice with the bottom of the shock on it. Stability includes insole package, midsole support, outsole support and grip. A pair of their own shoes must be in the end of their own feet to fit their feet, insole at the foot of the foot, in the end and outsole smooth support, not rollover, but also have a certain package. Strong offensive athletes and large-scale running athletes in this type of shoes are often more inclined to require stability. Stable shoes which bottom and outsole thinner, closer to the ground, close to wrap your feet, grip is in the acceleration, emergency stop when played a good sense of contact on the ground. Shoes, materials and shoes with the severity of the close relationship, so these two points together said. Which materials are divided into shoes fabric, insole material, the outer material. The upper is the era of leather has passed, replaced by a lightweight mix of upper. This vamp louboutin shoes sale is usually made of strong, durable leather and breathable, flexible and artificial mesh.

This high-tech man-made mesh upper is better than leather's durability, and it is generally popular with its more robust and durable durability in ultra-light materials. Now people on the requirements of the upper foot in addition to the christian louboutin shoes sale package also requires its good permeability. Although the leather has a certain permeability, but for the large amount of exercise basketball, this is far enough to meet the needs of the foot of the permeability, so now many manufacturers of the design of the upper with a large area of ??leather as a fabric , And then add a dense ventilation holes. Modern shoes outsole is more use of TPU synthetic materials, in addition to wear and tear it is characterized by lighter and more shock absorption shock absorption function. When choosing shoes, according to personal preferences to choose a different fabric. I do not know if you have to pay attention to the shoelaces when you buy shoes The shoelace is used to enhance the stability of the shoe, so the shoelace is also a factor worth considering. Many manufacturers will also be in order to increase the stability of the shoe and constantly design a new lace structure. Now a lot of shoes is more convenient on the Velcro, this design also reflects the human nature of the children will not be tied for shoelaces is a good choice, and it reached an excellent package The A good lace structure can find a suitable comfort, not too loose or too tight, can be more stable in the movement, more support.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that, in addition to the characteristics of the shoes themselves, choose shoes is the best choice shoes, no matter what brand, suitable for their own is the most important. If you want to buy shoes in this winter children's shoes, may wish to buy more than half of the code, because the human body also exist in the same thermal expansion and contraction of the natural characteristics of the warm weather they can increase the maximum size of half Oh ~