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Pointed high shoes with red soles heels touted to create a toothed femininity

This was born in France shoes, has always been a favorite of elegant women. It has elegant and romantic label on it, God let it appear, is to give a precious gift of a woman's feet, a woman's obsession with obsession, is the initial dream of pointed shoes. It can pull a woman's red sole shoes temperament to a new level, with unlimited femininity. Very big range of Fan children, 3 colors stitched together, giving a very coordinated visual sensation, no messy feeling. Fashionable, the pointed part of the bright yellow to christian louboutin red bottoms enhance the temperament of the big woman, but also joined the delicate matte, so that the charm of the entire shoe is not limited to the big woman who can also be dedicated to the delicate mind, gentle and cute Little woman. Lemon yellow serpentine pointed shoes out, just over the limelight of other big-name pointed shoes over, people can not think of any language to express their inner surprise. Very wild and very stylish, serpentine top is very refined, but also a little mosaic of the dim beauty. People at one glance have the urge to reap the throne in the arms, because wearing it to go out, whether it is shopping or gathering that is sure to make you absolutely hundred percent outstanding ah!

Tip shoes have two bright spots, one is its black and white zebra appearance, wild beautiful, fully in line with the modern girl's temperament. One is the triangular metal heel, it will give red bottom pumps you an illusion, so that you do not so easy to see what shape it is, to give you a mysterious beauty. The two together to make this bijou trendy pointed shoes, people put it down. Simple and generous a pointed shoes, the above ostrich pattern to enhance the fashion of shoes, the general ostrich pattern is used in the bag, so this shoe is also relatively new. This mysterious blue actually pretty good clothes, and super feminine, compared with the other 3 shoes, it is very low key, but more luxurious than they are, so do not hesitate, this tip shoes you really deserve have.