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Running novice must read the running shoes to buy the whole Raiders

Now the market is full of high-tech running shoes, are known to have their own special features. This adds a lot of difficulty to the selection of shoes. But in the overwhelming advertising and fancy technical terms, to find the real shoes for you, like a needle in a haystack. Here to give you a simple and practical Raiders.

I believe that in accordance with the following recommendations to do, you will be able to find their own running shoes! The first step: what is the foot inside the spirits? Maybe you are the first to hear this term, but you need to be clear that the size of the degree of foot rotation will affect the possibility of injury when you are exercising. Running is a fairly complex biomechanical process: the heel of the heel first to the ground, with the center of gravity forward, the foot slightly toward the inside, flip up, the last heel from the ground pedal, move forward.

Walking and running, the foot of the ground when the natural rotation of the process, that is, within the foot spin. Foot rotation is a normal phenomenon. Everyone's feet will have varying degrees of internal rotation. Normal internal rotation helps foot cushioning. Some runners, are over-spinning. Their heels are tilted with the ground over the normal range. Excessive internal rotation can cause excessive foot movements and increase the probability of injury, especially on the knee and knee lower leg. And some runners belong to excessive rotation (also known as internal rotation). Internal rotation of the people, the foot muscles are more rigid, the arch can not provide enough tension for the pedal, buffer damping capacity is insufficient. Long time ago, will form damage. According to the height of the arch, most runners can determine whether they are over-internal rotation, normal internal rotation, or lack of rotation. "The arch determines how the legs and legs are going to run when you run," explains Joe Ellis, a pediatrician at the University of California.

"Our study shows that 50% of the runners are normal in the foot of the runner, and the other 50% of the internal rotation is not enough and the overcrowding is half open." The louboutin shoes sale private pediatrician of Long Island, California, Paglia said. But how to determine the arch height? The easiest way is to "wet feet" test. First bare feet feet wet, and then on the tiled white paper, observe the footprints. If the mark left in the middle of the foot is very small, footprints are very narrow, almost interrupted, it belongs to the high arch. If there are half of the arch, then belong to the normal arch. If the footprints are full, no bow, you belong to the low bow and flat feet.

In view of the world's high-tech running shoes, pick a pair of appropriate instead of it is not easy. But you have to red bottom shoes for men know is that your foot type and the degree of internal rotation, you decide what kind of running shoes. In general, there red bottom shoes are three types of running shoes: straight, semi-circular, round. That is, "wet feet" test to get heels with red bottoms the three foot type. Most experts believe that excessive rotation should choose straight, the normal internal rotation should choose semi-circular, internal rotation should be selected round. While also considering other factors. If you are flat enough to add excessive rotation, you should choose the control shoes, can limit your feet overturned. Control of the end of the shoe is straight, to provide the greatest support for the foot. At the same time running shoes in the end to choose a solid, rather than soft. Running shoes with double density in the end, the bottom of the soles of the hardness greater than the outside design, can effectively prevent excessive rotation. Solid heel parts, can minimize the activities of the rear of the foot. If you are high enough to add the inside of the arch, foot cushioning ability is relatively weak, should choose shock absorber shoes. In addition, the shoes to allow the foot varus, to help the foot shock. "Shock-absorbing shoes support weak, its role is synchronized with the foot movement, rather than control the foot." Running shoes designer Dan Norton pointed out. He has worked as a designer for several large-scale running shoe manufacturers. You need a pair of midsole soft, with a mezzanine, shoes were round or semi-circular running shoes, let the feet in the running when the free movement.

If your arch and internal rotation are normal, it is lucky. You do not have to look for special features around the shoes, as long as the control and shock type can be selected. Sneakers usually say that these shoes are of good stability. Soles slightly with a little arc, and control shoes, like, do not limit the foot movement. Above is what I give you to do the precise analysis Now how to buy their own shoes are aware of the Well?