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Shoes do not fit how to do how to fit feet

?To talk about this shoe, everyone is to wear, to protect their feet, to see how shoes do not fit? How the shoes fit

: Shoes do not fit how to do:

First, the shoes are too big

1, pad insoles

We bought a little big shoes, feeling dressed awkward words, we pad a thick insoles on it, so more effort and also


2, stuffed into the soft stuff

We can be inside the shoes into the cotton or the old relatively soft old fabric, with the top of the shoes to the top of the shoes. This time to go to shoes

Son on it, but to remember the things inside to be replaced in a timely manner.

3, wear thick socks

This is suitable for the winter, thick insoles with the socks after is a good choice, so that we can prevent us when walking the total

Is lost.

Second, the shoes are too small

1, hold it

Where the support of some useful equipment is also a few days to wear their own, if it is a little bit, then some of the shoes we wear some days,

After the break away just fine. Or we use footwear to support it, but this should pay attention to that, do not damage the shoes.

2, protection feet

Shoes are too small, will inevitably be grinding will be feet, this time, we will prepare Band-Aid or other small things, we always grinding

Of the place to wrap up.

3, shoes inappropriate

Third, return and exchange

This is either too large or too small, we can directly deal with, if it is in the store, you can not far from the words, go directly

Returned, or adjust the model, if it is bought online, it will directly return to the back, although it will take time and effort, but for their own

A pair of comfortable shoes, these are worth it. Shoes how to fit:

1, feet and shoes to help the gap between the moderate. In general, the toes touch the toe, the heel can be inserted into a finger. If after the help with the feet of the empty

The gap is too loose shoes after the gang because it is too loose to do not force the foot with the foot, so that walking difficult and unstable pace; if too tight, shoes will help after grinding feet, so

Feet blistering, severe injuries were bleeding.

2, shoes fat and thin to moderate. Too fat words, feet in the shoes easy to move around, walking will be about partial, if the road is not good, or climb

Slope is more likely to twist to the feet, and shoes are also easy to deformation. Too thin words, clip feet, toes most vulnerable to injury, will be packed very painful, time

Long will produce deformity. Too thin words will also cause squeeze on the instep, so that blood circulation is not smooth, causing fatigue and pain.

3, toes and toe to maintain a certain distance. Toe and toe distance at least to leave 7mm ~ 10mm gap. When people walk, the feet christian louboutin shoes will be one

A certain degree of stretching, and because of inertia reasons, each step has a forward force of the role, but the soles and feet friction is much smaller than the soles

And the friction of the ground, the relative foot in the shoes tend to move forward, so have a certain distance.

4, toe and toe fingertips should be sufficient height, toes easily injured, more walking on the human body has the role of forward force, making the

Fingertips force increases, in addition, the fingertips are also very hard, if too much friction easy to damage the shoes.

5, the shoes of the curve and feet with. If the curve is not appropriate, long foot wear will be uncomfortable because of lateral compression. Also more feet

Bow part of the focus on more muscle, blood vessels and nerves, so the waist of the shoe part of the size, shape should be very fit, can not squeeze the arch.

6, shoe is appropriate. Shoes should not be too high and not too low, but can not grin open. Of course, here is the sports shoes, except boots. Too low

The words are also difficult with the foot, too easy to hurt the ankle, but also obviously damage the beautiful.