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Snow boots dirty do not wash, so brush cleaner

Winter shoes for girls in each and ultimately a pair of snow boots, snow boots winter warm essential, although comfortable to wear, but it is easy to dirty, it is very troublesome to clean. This also led many people tangled in whether to buy snow boots, in fact, its cleaning is not difficult, as long as a few simple, upper dust can be easily removed. Brush with a small wool boots snow boots surface dirt and dust gently brush off, pat the upper, there will be a lot of small dust ran out. Some dirt on the boots is difficult to clean out, you need to use a special cleaning liquid to clean snow boots, no friends can also be made at home. The white vinegar, detergent, milk with a 1: 1: 1 ratio of mixing, detergent can be appropriate to put less. Many people know that white vinegar is a good helper at home decontamination, and detergent to the oil, milk can maintain the skin, the three one clear effect no better. Scouring cloth with a small amount of cloth with a good ratio of cleaning fluid, according to the same direction brush snow boots surface, where there are stains more brush several times, remember to brush in the same direction must be scrubbed.

Clean the scouring pad with christian louboutin heels water and wring it dry, then wipe the snow boots with a clean scouring pad again, wipe the residual foam and repeat several times until it is quickly cleaned with a hair dryer to dry it To ensure the soft leather, do not dry naturally or put on the heating above christian louboutin the drying, so the effect is greatly reduced. If the upper stains are heavy, then cleaning snow boots boots body, you should use a small amount of cold water to wet the shoe body, do not over-soaked, and must not use hot water to clean, hot water will reduce the viscosity of shoe glue, hurt sheepskin naturally Scalability, resulting in a plastic or shoe soles shrinking and other consequences. Do not pour detergent and care solution directly on the boots during cleaning. To use a professional brush, brush the entire upper gently brush it again. After cleaning, remember not to use the dryer, or let the boots in the sun exposure, so there is a certain damage to the upper snow boots must be placed in a ventilated place after cleaning, do not expose to the sun exposure. Drying shoes, if the shoe is relatively long, you can use the newspaper to prop up it to dry on the inside of a comfortable super soft plush, complete package to protect the feet, so that the winter warm from freezing. Exquisite asymmetric embroidery, the typical Mickey Minnie in the sweet design, with English words, add playful vitality.Classic low tube snow boots elegant, mature, refined, suitable for elegant temperament, graceful figure of social girls, the details of the Delicate suture christian louboutin red bottoms line to make fashion charm, elegant woman quietly bloom temperament, is a better match with Variety. Upper with a soft and delicate matte leather, comfortable and breathable on the foot, louboutin pumps wear a day will not stuffy, so you travel easily. Flat shoes on the feet quite comfortable, get rid of the shackles, more conducive to walking oh!