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So wear boots, wear a very long legs!

A lot of time we wear a boots when there will be such a feeling, this length is not so high, but also not ankle, for the legs are not so slender sister who, after wearing the boots may be exposed Place is your flesh up to the place. So, how to match the boots, can make your legs look more slender? First of all, when the choice of boots, because the shape of thousands of changes in the shape of thousands of shoes, a variety of shapes, to see your foot type for a kind of boots, so wear on the feet when you will be more enough to modify your deficiencies, And highlights your strengths. For example, for the foot is relatively wide, but in the position of the ankle and relatively thin sister who can choose the more popular elastic boots. Because such boots wear on the feet can be better to help the whole foot was thin, and especially when christian louboutin heels you choose the square version of the type, it can help you hide your wide feet. And in the louboutin shoes sale ankle position on the tightening, but also a very good highlight your slim advantage. For the relatively thick legs of the sister who, the above type of shoes on the relative type may be more likely to pull out the meat, then you choose the time to choose christian louboutin red bottoms the location of the mouth slightly larger openings, so that So that the legs have a streamlined feeling, better help was thin. Choose red bottom heels to the right boots, then the rest is how the boots on a more reasonable match.

For the relatively thick legs of the sister who can choose micro-horn pants with boots. The presence of micro-speakers can help you block the meat on the calf, and the boots on this basis can help you extend the curve of the legs, so that your legs look more perfect. For the legs are more attractive and relatively thin sister who can wear a short skirt, or tight jeans to match the elastic boots, exposed two legs will be very slender, and such shoes for the Foot-type modification of the role itself is very magic. Simple pure color matte boots, wear on the feet when you can be a good and a variety of clothing with a match. And in the comfort of the shoes, this one with the shoes to wear on the feet, because the rough design is super comfortable.

A little high boots a little boots to wear on the body as a match, you can also be a good piercing your slender legs. For many girls leg-like good-looking, put on the boots with the most words, put on shorts or short skirts are very good. Autumn is about to pass, winter will be far away? Winter snow boots is our essential things, and in such a snow boots, simple version of the back behind the two super cute cute little bow, what will increase the delicate taste of this pair of shoes. Leather Korean version of the boots to wear on the feet, with nine pants or skirt is a very good choice. And boots compared to the general flat boots, you can ensure the warmth of your ankle position, for the autumn and winter season can have a better response. This year's elastic boots is also very popular, there is a feeling of socks shoes, but this kind of shoes to wear out the feeling to better modify your foot type. And compared to socks shoes, such shoes can be better to wear out your feminine to.