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Summer is the popular sandals, choose which one is wild

This summer, a large number of open toe sandals hit over, want to hold the trend, hold live fashion? Put on the design of louboutin shoes extremely simple open-toed sandals, show off your sexy little feet it Let your white pink little toe exposed in the sun, emitting a casual atmosphere of freedom. Summer is the world of sandals, and everywhere you can see girls summer sandals shoes to go the world, a pair of leather flat sandals make your shape more refined Oh, louboutin sale wearing sandals can make you more charming temperament. Speaking of the summer to leave, most children's shoes are reluctant to, for thin, they can no longer wear in this year's back dress friends, for fat, red bottom shoes the most easy to lose weight season to leave, now in addition to some dress can start , You can also buy something will never be outdated sandals, wear next year Oh Exclusive new thick sandals, simple atmosphere design, interesting stuffed metal buckle design, do the streets popular fashion, in addition to increasing the sense of fashion, it is low-key luxury, free heart. A pair of slippers with sandals is the glamor of our christian louboutin heels glance, although with a little clumsy, but the sweet index is high, whether it is with jeans or skirts, are very tall and tall, and slope with the Roman sandals became the hearts of each sandals Of the preferred style.

Straps of the Roman sandals, simple, atmospheric tide section, the tide girl must! The Was thin legs, very wild temperament style. Whether with cowboy, or skirt, are very oh! High-quality retro-thick college design, very depended age style, super comfortable version of the type, hurry to start it Sole is the use of high-quality natural outsole, anti-skid wear resistance, and high-purity material into, with shading design makes shoes more shock absorption more durable. Simple taste of the little Rome strap shoes, the price is not expensive, with skirts pants are very nice! Comfortable light, walking is not tired, from the soles of the feet began to care for women's health, so that full of confidence, more relaxed and more beautiful and charming. Especially when you understand the match, put on their fashionable degree and gas field, do not lose the day high. Flat can wear a different temperament! Humanized waterproof platform design, ergonomic, filling the perfect curved lines. Steady rough with full consideration of the principle of supporting the human body force, give you an unprecedented security experience, very retro!