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Temptation of high heels, so content!

High-heeled predecessors originated in the Tang dynasty before: Li Bai's articles mentioned in the ancient prose, the ancient mountaineering is a kind of high-heeled shoes, can make people easier when boarding. The earliest high-heeled shoes originated in China, the Ming Dynasty, the new shoes for the Ming Dynasty, in the rear with 4 cm to 5 cm high round bottom heel, wrapped in silk. Temptation of high heels, so content! Imagine wearing high heels only in the extremely smooth light on the road slowly, how to get the pain? So wearing high heels is a symbol of aristocracy, and therefore even ordinary women wearing high heels will also be a little more arrogant temperament and grace, this aristocratic temperament can often give people a fresh and refined sense of vulgar, put on high heels can make Human perspective is greatly enhanced, with a high sense of presence or at least a high degree of shocking. Second, high heels have an understatement like a poignant dream power. High and thin high heels, often with great destructive power and lethality. A woman really want to conquer a man does not really need to use high heels to get kicked to get on them before they can, in front of a woman's high heels, many men will be impressed. They do not know why they are so impressed, they think it is out of respect for women out of the courtesy of the weak, but the fact is that they are ashamed of their rude toughness, they are longing for such an understatement Such a mighty mood! Yes, those men worship these women wearing high heels!

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