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The most suitable for three types of skirts to wear skirts, you get the whole?

The choice of shoes more than the girls feel the aesthetic aesthetic Oh! If happy to put on a beautiful little skirt but no US shoes to ride, it is not the capital of the embarrassment ... ... the selection of shoes is also a super important it is said that there are three shoes suitable for your small Skirt, come take a look christian louboutin red bottoms at you With a skirt shoes must be small! The The Do not show the feet of a small number of appropriate with the red sole shoes high can also enhance the temperament, but must be the first priority Oh! Feet comfortable mood will be happy Well ~ so intimate Xiao Ming and no election is difficult to control the style Oh ~ are the girls can easily get the section! With a strong British atmosphere of the Bullock shoes with its exquisite small and unique aristocratic temperament has been favored by the girls, as if they can have a pair of life can be turned into a small style of life it has a fine it ~ fine carved , High-grade fabric, complicated craftsmanship and harsh standards has always been proud of the advantages of Bullock, with Xiao Ming together into the retro style of the world it!

Light retro British wind small shoes, full of texture of bronze, full of temperament Oh ~ toe exquisite carved + trendy retro color fabric, the classic and fashion to do the perfect match ~ 3.8 cm height brought comfort And the beauty of the double experience, like the girls do not miss it! Bullock shoes can also play a new tricks! Light blue louboutin pumps and dark louboutin heels blue color design is the people never forget the stunning ~ shoes around the foot fight color design is not the same Oh, super chic it! Small design can reflect the girl's exquisite elegance, with retro style dress is appropriate but it! This is a pair of ultra-temperament of rice white shoes, the effect is almost satisfied with the sister of all the imagination of the shoes have not? The Exquisite elegant carved design, small classic British style of the British wind, even the white fabric is elegant in the years of the breath of the years ~ will be tied into a bow tie can be the United States and the United States da da street friends ~

Patent leather is the undefeated classic elements of women's shoes, blingbling design has a sister can not stop the charm of sub-minutes to surrender ~ this square root design is very unique Oh, with the rough shape with the classic can not And then the classic ~ Sen female temperament overweight models! Brown fabric texture is enough, the years of quiet and unassuming small fresh Fan children ~ and then two elegant to the tie will not be more beautiful white Oh! The trend of the word buckle design is also very intimate it ~ If you want a pair of wearing a temperament is not tired feet of shoes, do not miss it! When the square shoes and pine cake at the end meet, a pair of unique and elegant and comfortable shoes turned out! Velvet upper with a unique sense of gloss, looks super high-grade Oh ~ shoelace material can also be hidden from the silk-like luster ~ it is low-key design of the fighter it! Matsushi shoes design is also selling magic equipment Oh!