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These hot shoes, see you can hold a few pairs?

Shoes are one of the items we must wear every day, wearing a good shoes both comfortable and legs are long, and wear shoes will destroy you a shape. But red bottom pumps a lot of dry mushrooms in the shoes, often only care about the shoes and your clothes do not take, in fact, the appropriate shoes and clothes not only commensurate with, but also for your foot type Caixing. Because the reasons for the foot type, whether it is flat or high heel will be more friendly to the Egyptian foot girls. Can fully accommodate the soles of the feet in the shoes, looks moderate size. If you do not want to go explosive system, like the cold can be in the heel on the effort. There are building sense of the heel and pearl embellishment design, but also the summer people earn enough to keep the rate of point.

The first 3 with the toes almost the same, the foot type of the overall recipe. This type of foot through the square shoes is the most comfortable, not squeezed to any of the toes, walking is also very stable. Of course, this summer in the heel on the most shoes with red soles effort is the front head grandma shoes. Continuation of the classic word buckle design, pocketed the eye! Jewelry design in the shoe buckle part, handsome added a lot. In addition to the christian louboutin heels design of elegant style, we like the simple style of the sister, you can look at the following recommended generous sequined design. Have to say, pointed shoes have a magic no matter how fashionable, difficult christian louboutin heels to control the design, if it is pointed shoes style, most girls are suitable! Believe me, feet fat you no problem! This year is still popular in the ankle up and down. Pointed Mueller shoes, more feminine. Plus straps, embroidery can be a new design, there are still new changes in style. Coupled with this pair of straps pointed high heels, style is a sense of design, the perfect modification of the foot type, looks slender, very elegant, set off the legs are very thin and thin