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Thick with high heels, do you dare to challenge?

This season, rough heels still hold its place, or bold, or retro personality shows a distinctive taste. Regardless of whether it is a solid color or a rough color, its aggressive gas field is enough to deter the Quartet. Coupled with the solid characteristics, walking up is particularly desirable.

The fluorescent-striated sandals with a summery-inspired bandage glow like the sun. red bottom shoes for women Even with the same eye-catching tunic, it's not at ease to focus on the feet. The fluorescent-colored low-limb straps are increasingly attractive to the finest parts. The low-key, contrasting color of the retro design reveals an unassuming but compelling sense of luxury. This elegant blend of colors and traces of the ages brings the mature and calm side of the woman. The wide version of the white bandage belongs to the inflated color system, and the instep of the person surrounded by it is also very compact. Candy-colored, sweet and pleasing appearance really makes people have to love. The simple model, that is, the design of the shallow mouth maximizes the area of he instep; the intimate trick of the high-waterproof red bottom shoes for women platform really relieves the pressure on the feet. The word strap design further embellishes the ankles and reveals their charm.

The intrinsic wild temperament of Roman shoes has adjusted the momentum of the overall dress. The original ecological christian louboutin heels wooden soles are christian louboutin heels still clearly visible wood texture, covering a layer of forest atmosphere. Coarse-edge straps, large metal buckles, and eye-catching rivets all highlight the style that is closest to the original atmosphere. Naked color and ice blue hit the color, splashing the cold touch of salty seawater. The design of the fish mouth opening and wrapping the heel prevents the thick and thick heel skin from being exposed on the one hand, and ensures that the toes are presented in the most elegant form on the other hand. The combination of the two just created a beautiful posture. The bow no longer appears here as "cute," but instead is "elegant." Mary Jane shoes style flew through the fairy tale, with a sense of innocence of innocent little girl, return to this real world. Round head shallow mouth treatment, the feet were trimmed narrow, legs are also followed by elongated lines. The smiling arc makes the high-heeled shoes full of powerful airlines get along well, and the flower lines that are waiting to be put on also show the softness. The same is the dark tone hit color match, but in the looming of the hollow lines, the feeling of femininity immediately over the difficult trend.