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This is the little white shoes you want

Low-cut sneakers, decorative flower embroidery design complex, embroidery extends in the entire upper, ending with a bow at the heel. Followed by a decorative bow, decorated with iconic web web detail on both sides, rubber louboutin heels sole, made in Italy. Simple and can not be simple white shoes, in fact, this is more likeable, not complicated, simple and casual. This pair of small white shoes storm has lasted for a long time, really really really hot, the tail is black and green, shoes with red soles pink and red gold to choose from, according to their daily clothes with the choice, of course, black is the most wild Ha ha ha, choose the right black wrong. Soft leather production, wearing a comfortable ride. Shoes cortex is christian louboutin heels relatively soft, everyday wear is very casual shoes, with no basic, it is suitable for pregnant mothers to wear, of course, small MM mind, then do not choose to choose Kazakhstan.

This year is very new a casual shoes, silk satin silk production, silk silk upper, the texture is very delicate, the flash is a trace of casual sex, the foot red bottom heels of the foot flu, soft, very comfortable to wear the old color belt Point retro and literary.