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Wear high heels, do not know these, no wonder will be grinding feet!

Girls like to wear high heels will be worn by the experience of high-heeled shoes. The problem of grinding the foot and your expensive shoes have nothing to do with the brand. British Queen's shoes will have a dedicated person to wear for the Queen. The new shoes to wear cortical soft, the queen will be on the foot. Shoes grinding feet, in fact, and personal foot shape related, however, some high-heeled shoes style is indeed easier to grind feet. Very popular leather shoes. This leather shoes because of style reasons, so the choice of leather must be stiff and stylish. Therefore, the heel of this shoe is very easy to wear feet. All similar high heels, but also easy to shampoo. In contrast, winter shoes are more less on foot thunder. If you encounter the foot wear shoes how to do? red bottom shoes 1. If you buy a brand leather shoes, you can get the store, so teller to rub some. 2. Ordinary shoes, you can use the press rub, roll the way to wear the foot grinding mill soft. Buy a special wear-resistant paste inside the shoes. 4 with Vaseline rubbed crust, you can soften the leather. Boots is a short tube, thick with short boots. Boots are the material of the fur, full of elasticity. The tip of this boot handles very delicate, looks small, with a capable temperament.

British style boots are usually very handsome, thick with the design is very easy to control. The front of the boot is a lace-up design with a retro feel. Boots inside a layer of velvet, warmth is very good. In the side of the boot has a zipper design, easy to wear off, and this design will look thin legs. Martin boots are thick with Martin boots, which is very thick fluffy, can be used as a daily section, the bottom of the rubber boots at the end of the very lightweight, does not give the feeling of bulky. Whether this boots christian louboutin for men with sweater or wool, are very nice. Legitimate Martin boots are very handsome, without complicated details of the design, but the atmosphere there are types. The base of Martin boots is rubber, lightweight and comfortable. Even if the owner of the heel 8cm, but also to wear this little boots will not feel tired. Pointed short boots is a very feminine a shoe, this shoe has a circle around the thin silver lines, like a drill from afar, so that the boots do not seem dull sense of the winter. Material texture comparable to the leather, cost is very high. Black Martin boots look very cool, this boot will be done very high at the bottom, is the short-bodied girl's gospel. Boots are patent leather material, looks young and energetic, was young. Artificial velvet inside, strong thermal insulation. The overall sense of boots with a retro feel, you can match any clothes. Martin louboutin pumps boots undoubtedly this year's hottest styles are, first, the style is more comfortable boots, boots with Martin and second, the clothes will not have any unexpected sense, tired of wearing shoes with high red bottom pumps heels do not like girls, really Try these Martin boots Oh!