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Wild slope heels, show your feet

Slope with a single shoes, simple but not simple, simple style can give people red sole shoes a sense of fresh and neat, shallow mouth design closer to the needs of autumn, easy to wear off, and can show the United States and the United States feet. Comfortable and elegant slope with, took to the streets, daily commuting is excellent, will not seem very tired feet, most people can easily control. Selection of ultra-fine fibers, texture clear, feel fresh with good ductility, sweat breathable, delicate and soft texture; shoes use latex soles, wearing soft and comfortable, forearm appropriate widening, not crowded feet, suitable for longer Time to wear; soles tendon tendon at the end, before the soft after the hard, comfortable and soft, comfortable walking. High-quality PU fabric, louboutin shoes sale soft and comfortable, light skin breathable, hollow design, stylish and generous, cool breathable, casual wild; comfortable slope with the design, with the soles of the air cushion, flexible, comfortable walking; , Pin uniform, fine cable, durable and durable; anti-slip polyurethane soles, light material, wear non-slip, walking walking confidence. The use of high-quality PU fabric, texture clear and natural, light material, light skin breathable, do not cover their feet; comfortable heel design, the use of high-quality, Careful shoes improved, to create a comfortable model. The upper layer of the use of the first layer of leather + breathable yarn, so that his feet remain dry, breathable and comfortable new experience; inside the first layer of pigskin, soft skin, breathable, healthy and refreshing; anti-skid texture rubber bottom, soft and hard moderate Wear, strong non-slip, walking without pressure.

Toe with a distinctive bow decoration, multi-level design, sweet and elegant with aristocratic style; upper smooth floodlight, good texture, fabric density, and soles bonded clean and strong, not degumming; cotton inside, comfortable and dry, Strong, heat perspiration, how to wear is so skin care.

Select the first layer of leather, moderate thickness, feel smooth, breathable is very good, soft and comfortable; simple and stylish design, walking naturally reveal the fashion atmosphere, there is a sense of full; ultra-fine fibers inside the soft and flexible, Effect, walking between the care of feet; soles with high non-slip wear-resistant rubber at the end, wear-resistant non-slip, better comfort. Fashionable toe simple atmosphere, fit the front palm curvature, comfortable not crowded feet; leather upper soft and flexible, walking in the more fit feet, uniform pressure to support soft feet; upper toe design, elastic control Ease, walking can not fall; beef tendons red sole shoes at the end, not only anti-skid wear, and feet light and soft, reduce the burden of walking feet. Beautiful tail type, the perfect modification of the foot line, not easy to squeeze the foot, not easy to press the foot, from the female soft christian louboutin red bottoms curve of the posture; selected texture of the ultra-fine skin, fresh color gives people never forget to enjoy, light Light touch feel delicate; comfortable slope with ergonomic principles, will be highly controlled for the comfortable state, naturally highlight the tall body.