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with full force! Personality Boots must learn 7 strokes with the rules

Gradually into the autumn of the weather, but also to your ankle began to feel too naked? The Japanese always said, keep warm wrist, ankle and stomach three key points, the body warm up, and quickly dug from the depths of the shoe All your boots to try these seven kinds of tricks, the way to see if you need to add a new style to increase the possibility of matching it! Do not see the actual boundaries of pants and legs, will be able to use such a careful machine to create the legs The proportion of very long effect, of course, every year is the prevalence of black classic wild, choose to have the boots with the effect of the extension effect can be doubled Oh.

Whether it is slightly exposed thigh skin skirt with knee boots, or directly to cover the upper half of the boots, can make the momentum immediately soared. Do not forget, in the cover of the boots to wear them, the choice of more light skirt material can make the overall fall with the light.

If you do not want the black stockings flow in the tacky, choose a hardware with the wind fan boots, with a single color clean upper body, will be able to enhance the texture at the same time into the personality. Long sleeves and long pants is this fall we can not wait to put on the focus, with a rough with the boots, show the will of the character of the bar. As the boots are covered with trousers more than half, choose patent leather or flashing makeup style will be more eye-catching.

Ruffled suit pants are still popular this year, with careful attention when the length of the pants and ankle boots is perfect, walking can reveal the best part of the ankle boots slim. Increased waterproof platform, or with a thick sense of the amount of boots boots, can hold up the fall of christian louboutin heels the multi-level wear. Long coat or coat with side jeans, is this season you absolutely want to try the street look.