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With sandals can not Wei feet, was a good helper

Black classic shoes, whether it is yellow or black or white, are completely able to try a section in front of that is a word with the design, the overall simple and generous, free to match a variety of pants relative to the Shoes, this pair is more biased in favor red sole shoes of sandals, in the ankle position without the design of the strap, so even if the meat is more than the girl will not easily apparent fat, the overall is the amount of light-colored classic sandals , The position of the ankle is a design of a plurality of straps, in the position of the strap to join the printing style as a simple embellishment, not only white is also very elegant and beautiful is used to weave the design, with small floral Of the design, the whole look fresh and generous, there is a feeling of christian louboutin heels pastoral wind, cross the strap as a decorative shoes, ingenuity and simple and generous

Fish mouth shoes style has always been the basic models of summer sandals, christian louboutin sale in the slope of the location of the christian louboutin red bottoms use of lace style, so that shoes rich changes, more suitable for a variety of solid color pants, white pants is a good choice