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With the street beat people with Martin boots, want more tide!

As we all know, Martin boots have always been the darling of fashion circles, street shots throughout the year can see their shadow, but the highest appearance of the season or to winter, put on a warm coat coat and then step on a pair of Mei Da da Martin Boots, do not mention how happy! In addition to the super fashion sense, its own compatibility is also very powerful, let us take a look at the trend of the winter street beat it! Just wear a stockings and then put on Martin boots, the other really free to volatility, no matter you are little shorts or small skirts are fearless! Coat + jeans with the law and the cool Martin boots is the most classic British christian louboutin outlet retro style, in addition to tie into the outside, the way the curl will be more casual and comfortable! Long skirts with short boots, short skirts with boots, every minute of the United States Department of new heights, high rate of return yo! 20 cm to help high and 3 cm heel ratio is very high, full leather upper design has a super high-profile texture, inside and insole are soft and warm effect of great lint, belt buckle design is very Careful machine! Fabrics using high-style matte leather material, thick sponge padded mouth design can be a full range of gentle care ankle, high quality rubber outsole is very comfortable, no matter how long it will not be tired, trendy fashion trend!

Exquisite elegant tip and heel perfect digestion, the perfect high was also very thin, smooth upper and side zipper is very eye-catching, with a very simple solid color design, it is very wild ! College wind is very strong, a solid color Martin boots, whether it is shoelaces or shoe soles clear clear line design are showing a charming British Van, smooth upper version and neat short design is very christian louboutin shoes sale seductive! Individuality of the side of the shoe split design With the heel hit the color ribbon elements, each step is the most elegant gesture, simple and capable of simple upper and solid color design with a single product, the sole thickness is just right degree! Cool tasteful metal buckles and patent leather upper simply, with the square version after the super gas field, low-heeled design with simple, elegant suede and patent leather perfect combination, emitting a charming feminine flavor! Sisters love a British style Martin boots, the biggest feature is clear and bright white lines, making Martin boots have a very good sense of line, plus velvet inside is very soft and warm!